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About us

Our mission at HRWC is to do what the word of God has commanded us to do. Our vision is to witness God’s manifestation of ministries that will build up this community. Our goal is to educate, equip and empower mankind to do the will of Jesus Christ. To provide support, encouragement, spiritual education, and guidance to the youth and adults, in the community.

The purpose of these teachings is for us to become united as one.

Hope Redemption Worship Center was placed on Pastor Blair’s heart in December 2011. HRWC is a place that may help or save someone. HRWC is also defined as grounds for believing that something good may happen. Redemption is second chances: it is the act of being saved from sin, error, or evil.

Bishop Blair believes that good things come through God’s second chances. Hence, the name, Hope Redemption Worship Center. We sin daily and need redemption from the Lord. Bishop Blair is an advocate for second chances.

He believed that Hope Redemption Worship Center would be fitting for the name of his pastoral ministry. He wanted to provide a place for lost souls that needed saving and second chances. A place where people can feel God’s grace and mercy and identify that regardless of how many times one blunders God will always be there with open arms.

The church started on an inspiration from God that accelerated in motion at great speed in a matter of days. The first service was held on December 18, 2011 at a center that assisted the needy then relocated to Hawthorne Suites conference center. Our first service had only 13 attendees.

In February 2014, we celebrated our second anniversary which was well attended and provided great entertainment. Bishop Blair was officially installed as the Pastor of HRWC.

In November 2014, HRWC was invited to be spotlight guests at TBN, the members came and fully supported our church. TBN later invited Bishop and Lady Blair to attend their Pastor Appreciation program in December.

We are currently trying to gain recognition and grow our ministries. 


Pastor Winston Blair is the founder of Hope Redemption Worship Center in Conyers, Georgia, a multi-cultural, non-denominational church.

Pastor Blair was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He is the eldest of eight children born to godly parents. His mother was a missionary, Sunday school teacher, and prayer warrior.


His father was a member of the church choir. At a very early age, he learned the teachings of the Bible, and witnessed Christian behavior through his parents.

At the age of sixteen, Pastor Blair recognized that he had a special calling on his life to serve the Lord. He spoke with the elders of his church, and was encouraged, and mentored. He was ordained an Evangelist, and he traveled extensively on the island of Jamaica witnessing and saving souls.

He started preaching in 1977 at the New Testament Assembly in Winters Pen St Catherine, Jamaica. In 1981, he traveled to London, England and Nigeria as a National Evangelist assisting in establishing new churches, feeding, and clothing the less fortunate and ministering to the natives.

Pastor Blair migrated to Toronto, Canada in 1985 and was ordained a National Evangelist at Redemption Worship Center. Pastor Blair was ordained as a Minister of the Gospel in 1995 by World Wide Crusades. In 1998, he went to minister at First Bethlehem Baptist Church in New York and remained there for two years.

On October 2, 2012, Pastor Blair started the work Hope Redemption Worship Center, Inc. as a Senior Pastor.

In 2015, Pastor Blair was ordained as an International Chaplain Ambassador at Large, by the College of Chaplaincy.

He is very involved in the community and has a radio ministry. Pastor Blair's love, charisma, humility, strength, patience, understanding and welcoming smile endears him to his congregation.

Pastor Blair is married to Denise and they have two daughters, Howesha and Kadeen.


The purpose of Hope Redemption Worship Center is to teach and prepare souls for the coming of Jesus Christ, warn that sin separates us from the presence of God, build a ministry through the power of the Holy Spirit, give hope to the hopeless, encourage, and restore faith into the lives of those who have been tossed and driven through faulty interpretation of God’s Word and remind everyone of the realities of heaven and hell.

Hope Redemption Worship Center is here to provide spiritual Christian counseling and support services to all youth and adults at risk, substance abuse treatment and counseling, teach prevention and education for substance abuse, and provide services and resources for the homeless population.

To offer transitional housing for youth and adults in the community, educational classes (Ex: GED, Non-Vocational training programs, Christian education classes, parenting classes and workshops), career employment preparation workshops, entrepreneurial training, mentoring, empowerment and motivational workshops for youth and adults.

We want to train volunteers for community service, to deliver a community food bank and a clothing bank for the poor and less fortunate human beings in this society, community resources for those in need, meet an array of social services to those in need, Christian worship services to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ, training to Christians that will enable them to minister to the community and the nation, bible studies, and fellowship, to rehabilitate, restore, and rebuild lives for the Kingdom of God. 

The programs and services offered will embody two components.

1.    to meet the social, spiritual, economic, charitable, and educational needs of the adults

2.    to assist disadvantaged at-risk youth. 

Our hope is to help the less fortunate human beings regain their balance in society.  This organization shall be a great asset to low-income communities in every way possible. 

This organization desires to do its part in the community by showing accountability, responsibility, and availability.  The goal is to educate, prepare, empower, and rebuild healthy lives for both youth and adults.


For the last 8 years, it has been our mission to serve the community and people like you. We have helped hundreds of individuals distributing food, clothing, and toys, not to mention the social services needs we have met in the community.

To keep these services available, we are asking you to help us by donating, your time, funds, supplies, clothing, non-perish food, and more to this organization.


We need you

We need volunteers as well as monetary funds to continue to help the community.     


To all our volunteers, you are soul-satisfiers, do-gooders, life-changers, you are indeed wonderful individuals and we thank God for your existence.


Because of you all, we’ve changed the lives of hundreds, so now let’s make it thousands, continue to volunteer and donate, you will make a difference!


Prayer Line/Prayer Request:

  • Need prayer request or want to join our prayer line to connect across the globe.

  • Then contact us for our prayer line numbers, date and time.



  • We provide confidential compassionate services to those individuals with concerns, conflicts, life transition and spiritual issues.


Immigration Clinic:

  • Offering Immigration Services and Consultations.

  • Please contact us for more information on how we can help you or a loved one.


Live Streaming:

  • Join us for live streaming every Sunday at 11 am - 2 p.m. and on Special Occasions on Facebook.

  • You can watch us live on your computer, or mobile device. 



Sunday School -10AM

Divine Worship - 11AM


Prayer Meeting - 7PM

Bible Study - 8PM


Youth and Family Night - 7:30PM


ON 89.1FM

Saturdays 7AM - 9AM



Mondays 7PM - 9PM


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