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Memberships & Ministries

We would love to have you make Hope Redemption Worship Center your church home by becoming a member of our church. By becoming a member, you will get to know more about the people and the ministries of the church, which will open up new opportunities for you to serve in significant ministry roles within the church. You will have a greater focus to use and develop your gifts, abilities and serving skills and leadership within our church family.

Membership is granted to individuals who have a commitment to serve the Lord and agree with some of our prerequisites:

(1) Membership does not put you into bondage with this fellowship.

(2) Go where the Lord leads you. However, if you need more information, please contact us.

Who Can Become Members?

This congregation receives into membership anyone who is born again through faith in God and professes Him before the world.

We encourage you first to discuss your decision with our pastor and complete a series of membership classes.

What Happens After I Become A Member?

First, you will receive the "New Member" packet, which includes a copy of the church bylaws, a brief history of the congregation, and other helpful information.

Second, with your permission, we will feature an announcement about your becoming a member in the newsletter and the membership section of our church website.

Third, you will take Membership classes.

Finally, you will be invited to participate in "The Right Hand of Fellowship" our official welcoming ceremony for new members, during a Sunday morning service.

What is Required of Members?

Our Church requirements are not difficult at all. By becoming a member, you support the church with your presence at activities, and with the sharing of your skills and time. Through involvement in departments, members get to know one another while making important contributions to the ongoing work of the church.

Members are also encouraged to provide financial support to the church through their freewill offerings, tithes, and pledges. Members are also encouraged to attend all membership meetings.

Regular Attendees

We know not everyone wants to make a commitment by becoming a member of the church, therefore we have those who attended our church services quite frequently and are willing to contribute and work in the ministries of the church.

These are who we called “Regular Attendees”, these attendees are also a vital part of the church and we treat them also with respect and love.


However, because they are not members they are not allowed to sit in on our member's meeting, or vote and their access and activities are somewhat limited in the church.

We encourage all to think about membership and be under the fold of the ministry.

Men's Ministry

HRWC believes that the Men’s Ministry is an integral part or winning, growing and training God’s man in Christ.

Rugby Players

Youth Ministry

Let no one despise or think less of you because of your youth but be an example (pattern) for the believers in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, and in purity.

Painting Eggs

Ladies' Ministry

Women’s Ministry at HRWC is designed to empower Women to grow and align ourselves with God’s purpose.

Happy Family

Dance Ministry

Do you love to dance for the Lord? Why not join our Dance Ministry. Our Dance Ministry is a ministry that give praises to the Lord in glory. So, join us.

Image by Morgan Petroski

Our Ministries

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